Twisted Tye Dye Top

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Twisted Tye Dye Top

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Spaghetti straps
V-cut back/straight-cut back
Product does not contain padding
three styles in one
Twist detail
V-cut neckline/straight-cut neckline
**Products are hand dyed so actual color may vary

Rinse your suit in fresh water after swimming in the pool or ocean. Chemicals found in chlorine and the salt from the ocean are known to make fabrics fade.
Hand wash your suit. Machines are generally rough on the delicate nature of swimwear and can snag padding and ties. Instead, wash your suit with cold water and a mild detergent and lay it on a towel to dry.
Avoid ringing your suit out. This may help it dry faster, but twisting the suit is rough on its seams and can stretch it out. Instead lay it on a towel and roll the towel over the suit like a sleeping bag.